Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Remembrance of Mr. Graham Wilson!

Mr. Graham Wilson (well known as BABU by software engineering team) has been working for University of Dar es salaam Computing Centre for more than 10 years till he passed away on December 12th, 2012. Throughout his time he has proven to be an important asset to the company. It is through his courage, commitment, hardworking spirit and ability to instill these qualities to the team that has enabled software department under his leadership to prosper and accomplish feats that would seem impossible to conquer.
It is impossible to mention everything that this great and humble man has been to all of us. But surely he has left a great impact to everyone who has had an opportunity to work with him and for that he will always live in our memories. He was a great friend, co-worker, leader, brother, father and husband.
Here are the few memories among so many by which we will always remember him:-
  • To his software department team he was a leader to depend on, someone everyone was free to ask for advice at anytime and always ready to offer his assistance.
  • His great work in leading the software team to accomplish so many software projects such as PlanREP, CTC and SBAS just to name a few.
  • His ability to socialize and make everyone around him comfortable and welcome. There are times when the team needs motivation and a boost in morale and he was the man to provide it.
Truly software department, UCC, his family, his country and the world at large has lost a remarkable individual. Someone whose contribution is still needed. It is difficult if not impossible to fill the gap he has left. We are so sorry to have lost him.

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