Monday, February 16, 2015

UDSM ALUMNI-Arusha Chamber convocation at Golden Rose hotel

UDSM Alumni had a very wonderful "Career Development" seminar at Golden Rose hotel at Arusha on Friday February 13, 2015.
We had a very nutritious discussion on how to start/develop your business.
One of the two main speakers Mr. Salum Awadh giving inspirational comments on how to "Unlock your Potentials". to the far right is Dr. Nandela Mhando and Mr. Daniel Stephen who coordinated the event!
The second main speaker Mr. Alex Kabeho explaining clearly what should be in CV, which is your tool to market yourself.
Some of the attendants from UDSM Computing Centre-Arusha, Athumani Pongwe and Monicah Mwakapola (3rd and 4th from left) jotting down important issues as heard from facilitators, Dr. Nandela Mhando (on the backside) was busy making sure everything runs smoothly.
A cross-section of attendants
Richard Sebastian, Rose Peter and Mary Joseph (at the center of the picture) discussing how create useful networks in business

He came late, this is Laban Kalama looking for a vacant seat; He worked on a saying.."Better late than never..." he gained a lot of course...
Sharifa Issa and Lulu Jumbe (4th and 5th from right) had a "special dress-code" for the event, and were like twins even in absorbing the "Unlocking your Potentials" life tips

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