Friday, March 30, 2012

Hispania hakukaliki, maandamano, fujo na purukushani!

Demonstrators run on the street as they try to flee riot police during a general strike to protest against the government's tough new labor reforms and cutbacks in Pamplona, northern Spain on March 29.

A protester throws a chair inside a food shop in Madrid on March 29 during a general strike.
Spanish workers livid over labor reforms they see as flagrantly pro-business staged a nationwide strike Thursday and tried to bring the country to a halt by blocking traffic, closing factories and clashing with police in rowdy demonstrations. 
Spain is expected to announce more cuts with hopes that austerity measures will prevent it from needing a bailout.
The country is already heading toward recession and has an unemployment rate of almost 23 percent. Traders are worried that if Spain falls into financial trouble, larger economies such as Italy could be next.

Mirian Burrueco, 30, reacts behind the broken glass of her shop stormed by demonstrators during clashes at the general strike in Barcelona on March 29.

A masked demonstrator walks past a burning Starbucks during heavy clashes with riot police during a 24-hour strike on March 29 in Barcelona.

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