Monday, March 19, 2012

Kobe/Kasa anusuriwa baada ya kumeza ndoana yenye urefu wa inchi 4

A loggerhead turtle was released back into the ocean Thursday after swallowing a fishing hook.   This is one lucky loggerhead! Just weeks after a 4 inch-long fishing hook got caught in this turtle's throat, it was released back into the ocean Thursday, looking healthy and rehabilitated.The 100-pound turtle arrived at SeaWorld Orlando after being rescued from an intake canal at the St. Lucie Power Plant in St. Lucie County, Florida. In Orlando, the turtle immediately underwent surgery after x-rays revealed the stuck hook. The fishing hook was one of the largest the team has ever removed, according to SeaWorld veterinarians. Sadly, this isn't an isolated case either. Traditional J-shaped fishing hooks are more likely to be swallowed by sea turtles, causing suffocation or internal bleeding. Using circle-shaped hooks and properly disposing of all trash and fishing lines can reduce the risk of the creatures swallowing such dangerous items.As for this turtle, all of us here hope it has a hook-free life now that it's back home! . 

SeaWorld's senior veterinarian, Lara Croft, and aquarium staff members removing the large hook from the turtle's throat. 

Sea turtles are more likely to swallow J-shaped hooks, causing damage, than safer, circle-shaped fishing hooks. 

The SeaWorld Animal Care team released this lucky loggerhead back into the ocean Thursday morning. 

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