Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Di Matteo hails Chelsea's never-say-die attitude

Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea interim coach
It is an incredible achievement by this group of players. A lot of people had written us off but the players showed their character. We didn't expect to play with ten men so it was even more difficult than expected. Barcelona are a great team with fantastic players but we showed what we are made of. We've had a difficult season and we seem to always get something special out when we need to. That's part of the DNA of these players.
The Ramires goal was crucial, it gave us that lifeline and that belief that we could get through in the second half. We said before the game we needed a goal and we managed to get one. It gave the advantage back to us. The second half wasn't so much about tactics as passion, pride and desire to get to the final. We knew we were just 45 minutes away and that was what it was about. We have achieved something incredible here. When it's the right time we will think about the final.
[Barcelona] are the best team in the world. They're amazing. They have some of the best players in the world as well. The way we played and defended ... we showed a lot of desire to reach the final and go through. We had a little bit of luck as well – but to win the trophy, you need that.
 Mshambuliaji wa timu ya Chelsea,Fernando Torres akishangilia goli lake kwa hisia kali sana aliloipachikia timu yake dhidi ya Timu ya Barcelona katika mchezo wa nusu fainali ya pili ya Kombe la UEFA.kwa mche zo huu wa leo uliomalizika kwa suluhu ya bao 2 - 2,na kuifanya timu ya Chelsea kutinga hatua ya fainali.

Wachezaji wa timu ya Chelsea wakishangilia goli zuri lililofungwa mBrazil,Ramires (pili kulia) wakati wa mchezo wao uliomalizika muda mfupi uliopita dhidi ya timu ya Barcelona.timu hizo zimefungana Bao 2 - 2,lakini kutokana na bao 1 waliloshinda Chelsea katika mchezo wa awali imefanya matokeo kuwa Barcelona 2 - 3 Chelsea na kuifanya timu hiyo kutinga fainali bila zengwe.

Pamoja na kwamba Chelsea walicheza pungufu baada ya Nahodha wao,John Terry kulambwa kadi nyekundu,lakini waliweza kuhimili mchezo huo mpaka mwisho.

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